Chris Mundiath

Let’s work together to build a better, safer and prosperous Pennsylvania.

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Jobs & Economy

Chris believes it’s the people not government who creates jobs. Removing unreasonable regulations and lowering the tax burden on small businesses will help build a stronger economy.


Pennsylvania succeeds when our children succeed. That’s why providing our schools, teachers and parents with the resources they need is a top priority. Whether it’s preparing for college or a trade, all kids deserve a fair opportunity, regardless of their zip code.


For far too long, politicians in Harrisburg have spent our money unwisely. This has to stop. Chris will fight for all taxpayers, working to ensure that your hard earned money is well spent and government is held accountable.

Safety & Quality of Life

Chris will work to help keep our communities safe. This means providing law enforcement, firefighters and EMTs with the necessary tools to combat crime and assist those in need. As the country faces a major opioid epidemic, many of our loved ones remain vulnerable. We have not only a legal obligation, but a moral obligation to take on this public health crisis. When our families, friends and neighbors are healthier, we all do better. Enough is enough, it’s time for action.

About Chris

Chris Mundiath is a life-long resident of Plymouth Meeting, who attended Epiphany of our Lord before attending the Colonial School District. The son of a Navy Veteran and Engineer, hard work and service for others are important values. Since and early age, Chris has been involved in helping others. From being a Boy Scout in troop 117 to spending three summers volunteering in Philadelphia's inner city communities, Chris cares for all citizens.

He is running not to be a career politician, but to serve his community and bring new leadership to Harrisburg. He will fight for a more transparent and accountable government that works on behalf of all people.

District 70